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Social responsibility

Röndell dedicates its success and achievements to you — the customers, the most important people for whom we are constantly developing the brand and its technologies. We see two-way communication with you to be the heart of your loyalty to Röndell: feedback and your wishes and comments left on the ‘hotline’, as well as our gratitude for them in the form of the constantly improving quality of our utensils, kitchen knives and accessories as well as the extended warranty on them up to a quarter of a century, depending on the material and the product.

Röndell also strives to share the fruits of its success with those who especially need warmth and joy: the brand actively supports various charity events, and the history of our cooperation with “Give Life” Fund has lasted for more than 8 years!

We are happy to do good together with you: part of the funds from all purchases of Röndell utensils is every month transferred to the Fund for children with cancer. Since the beginning of the campaign, with your help, Röndell managed to help hundreds of children, paying for treatment for a total of more than 60 000 000 rubles.
Thank you for being with us and helping us to multiply the good in the world!