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All Röndell products are made from high quality raw materials using the latest technologies.
Each product goes through several stages of control before it gets to your kitchen.

When used correctly, Röndell provides the following warranty for the materials the cookware is made from, starting with the moment of sale:

The warranty period is calculated from the date of purchase of the goods in the retail network, the guarantee is valid if the rules of operation are observed. To confirm the date of purchase, you must provide a cash receipt and a correctly filled in company warranty card with the article of the product, the date of sale, a clear signature of the seller and the seal of the trading organization.

Keep your receipt and warranty card until the warranty period expires.

The warranty does not cover damage caused by improper use of the cookware:

The warranty does not apply to the natural changes in the external properties of the product that have arisen during operation:

The golden or blue color shade resulting from the excessive overheating of the dishes or from the preparation of some products (tomatoes, lemon, vegetables, brines, etc.) is characteristic of stainless steel cookware and in no way affects the functional properties of the dishes or the quality of the prepared food.
Visible welding spots are the result of high-quality execution of the relevant technological process; they are integral to all stainless steel cookware with this method of handles’ mounting.

 You can download Röndell warranty cards from this link

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