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Gift wrapping
As a gift, Röndell tableware always produces the best impression: at the first glance at its packaging and forever on.
The professionals’ recommendations
Professionals choose Röndell, recommend Röndell, cook in Röndell, have progress with Röndell and love Röndell.
Social responsibility
Röndell knows that to divide does not always mean to reduce, because human relations are not subject to the laws of mathematics. We strive to share our success as much as possible and more often with those who are particularly in need of help and support.
Style and design
Röndell's designer collections of dishes and kitchen accessories are a stylish and unique solution for the interior of any kitchen.
Technologies and materials
Röndell brings High Cuisine to your home: safe materials and advanced technologies of professional tableware are now available to everyone!
Marketing support
Everyone can personally get acquainted with the Röndell dishes not only in the store, but also in the course of various secular, professional and charity events, in the culinary programs of the leading media.