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Gift wrapping

Röndell's attention to detail and creativity is evident not only in the design of the dishes, but also in their stylish packaging, making Röndell dishes a pleasure to give to yourself and your beloved ones.

The package always demonstrates the object that is in it, gives basic information about it: shape, size, number of constituent elements, purpose, characteristics and recommendations for use. A special sign of the National Guild of Chefs on the packaging ensures high quality and originality of Röndell products.

Colorful and original packaging with Röndell utensils is equipped with built-in handles for easy carrying. Items that require careful handling are packed in branded non-woven bags or wrapped in dense polyethylene. Almost every package with Röndell products has a gift from the brand inside: a booklet with author's recipes from the world's leading chefs, step-by-step instructions on carving, unique tips on table setting, booklets with original tea and coffee drinks.